At the age of 60 Brian finally decided he now had enough self confidence to totally commit to becoming a rock star full time. By the age of 65 he had been officially diagnosed as having spent his entire life with undiagnosed ADHD. 

The failures, the heartaches and the tragedies finally had an explanation. 

So come lockdown Brian went to his shed at the back of his house and started posting videos to You Tube. 

Next thing you know he's got himself a part in a new BBC TV series about old people still trying to make it in the music business. Working alongside Martin Kemp, Lady Leshurr and Fleur East in "Rock Till We Drop" he then plays the Isle of Wight Festival main stage to 60,000 people. That was 54 years since he first started playing the guitar at the age of 11. 

Pretty fast for a late bloomer just starting out, eh? 

Singer songwriter Brian Witts plays mainly 6 and 12 string acoustic guitar with the occasional harmonica solo. All written with the lyrics and melody's penned from a lifetimes experience of boom-bust, triumph-tragedy and heartfelt sincerity gained from living in the real world. 

Influences too numerous to list fully include; Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Hendrix, John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson and Damien Rice. 

Brian lives in a small village outside Winchester in the UK with his partner of 25 years Carla. Of his five children one still lives at home and his son Oliver is in his final year at The Guildford Academy of Music studying music production. Oliver (Spotify/artist/Flippers Music) has recorded, mixed and mastered Brian's last few singles as well as playing piano and bass. 

Some of Brian's other career highlights include recording in The Rolling Stones Mobile for Bill Wyman and being described by The Daily Mail as a "Plucky Golden Oldie"


Brian Witts from BBC TV's "Rock Till We Drop" series is releasing his new single "Take Me Home" to help towards raising support for Ukrainian child refugees on the 14th October 2022. Fifty percent of all income from this single is being donated to the charity War Child.

Brian's song "Take Me Home" is written and performed by Brian. His son Oliver plays piano and recorded, mixed and mastered the song making it our family affair to offer some help in any small way we can to those families in such terrible trouble right now. Our Home, Our family and our freedom are in Winchester in the south of England UK. As a family we have always supported, volunteered and contributed to children's charities so working with War Child was an obvious choice for us especially with their history in working with musicians. 

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