I was discovered by the guy that signed Bryan Adams and The Police. I recorded in The  
Rolling Stones Mobile. I started a number of successful businesses. 
But somewhere along the way for reasons I could never always figure out nothing ever really 
panned out long term. There were failures, it hurt. 
Finally at the age of 61 I found the last piece of the jigsaw…… 
I had lived my entire life with undiagnosed ADHD ! 
It’s a gift, it makes me special, an ancient hunter gene. 
Apparently there are drugs I could take that would slow me down, make me tidy and 
organised and make me behave like ordinary people behave. A terrible thought! That’s not 
my sort of drugs! 
So for many years I’ve played safe, steady and secure to give my five children the best 
childhood I could give them. But I’ve never been able to stop writing songs and playing  
So here I am with a web site. An old crooner strumming an acoustic guitar. Fully smoked 
and matured to perfection, vintage 56. 
There’s loads of my own stuff here along with a life times repertoire of covers from blues to 
folk to rock. 
I hope you like it.