My gear

I've been asked on many occasions on YouTube and Facebook "What gear do you use?" "How do you get your sound?" so at the risk on being boring to all non musicians here's the spec;

Acoustic guitars, Martin GPC2EL equipped with Fishman Rare Earth Humbucker with tap sensor under bridge. This is my main guitar, I absolutely hate piezo pickups so the fitted bridge pickup is disabled. D'Addario Phosphor Bronze .011-.052 strings tuned down a step to Eb. I also use open G tuning and drop D tuning.

Martin DX12 1AE my 12 string fitted Fishman Rare Earth Humbucker with microphone. D'Addario Phosphor Bronze .012-.054 12 string strings tuned down a step to Eb.

Pedal board (in order) Fishman Platinum pre amp into Boss Tuner, Boss OC3 Octave (great tool for solo acoustic guitarist to get bigger live sound with bottom end) Boss Blues Driver, Boss Dimension C, Boss Tera Echo, Boss RV6 Reverb, Boss Loop Station (all pedals powered by Voodoo Lab Plus 2 power supply expensive but totally clean so worth it especially if you're recording) all in stereo into 2 Blackstar Sonnet acoustic amps. Live these have line outs into 4K QSC sound system.

Vocals, Shure SM58 Beta mic into TC Helicon vocal effects processor.

I don't use electric guitars very often at present. I've had Gibson's, Fender and Mesa Boogie before 5 children. Now Epiphone 335 into a Vox AC15, plus if you've seen me on the new BBC TV series "Rock Till We Drop" you'll know I'll also dabble on bass guitar as well.

Hope that helps, please contact me if you have any questions, cheers